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Automotive industry is one of the most fascinating industries at the moment: growing complexity of industry and platforms used, rapidly evolving technology and cross discipline developments, shortage of staff and buyers and massive changes in customer journey and orientation are putting strong pressure on the market participants. The market players are facing merging technology and IT in and around the car – and customer engagement which is increasingly driven by customer interactive brands and no longer by car brands or technology fascination. As a result automotive industry started a change path towards mobility industry thus car producers and their suppliers are re-inventing itselves to survive and coming back as technology companies, software developers, mobility enablers or white label car producers for internet natives. 


Transformation Excellence helps you where its counts –  in the business and IT alignment, helping you quickly to specify your own, workable and reasonable, “good enough “solutions – to keep peace with the disruptive environment and bringing those into life in your organization. Sustainable. Flexible.  


We support you with our experience at premium and mass market producers, we build upon insights won at No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 companies in relevant markets. We support you with insights from pure players, suppliers and also form relevant other industries – why not learn form companies who already went that path? 

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Dr. Lukas Röhrs
Managing Partner
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Case Studies

Image by Markus Spiske

Automotive – One of the top 10 players in the automotive sector planned to redesign the early customer engagement. Establishing a relevance system with the focus to be recognized as a trusted advisor regarding mobility in the eco system of the customer. Moreover, by beeing in the awareness sector of their customer life cycle. We supported the business as project manager for “lead management” in drafting the concepts as well as managing the piloting and implementation.

Image by Lenny Kuhne
No Line Approach

Automotive - Turning an European OEM operations completely in a customer centric No Line approach across 46 countries. Implementing one golden customer record with sales history as well as an architecture which makes information accessible for multiple online, regional and local car dealer. The crucial IT-challenge was the number of systems and system layers to be integrated and working together. But beside the change of technology we had to change the business processes and systems while the most difficult part was to drive the change of the employee and make them understand and act in a new world, where sales success is created differently than in the past. Moreover, the major change aspect was to make all relevant stakeholder understand that the OEM will only survive if all act as one company. 

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