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From strategy to impact on the fast track. 100% customer centric while focusing only on the relevant topics.


Overcome the mismatch of business strategy and the ability to deliver in IT. Face the digitalization and enable the corporate to compete with the market. 


Delivering a seamless and outstanding customer experience means excellence in the entire value chain. Effective and efficient.


We deliver project management based on sound experience with a pragmatic approach. Combining traditional and agile project elements to achieve maximum impact. 


As true managers with many years of branch-specific experience, our interim managers get to the point without lead time. Unlike a classic management consultant, our transition managers are not only used for analysis and concept development, but are also responsible for the implementation and achievement of goals.


The abiltity for transformation is the key to survive. 

Based on our transformation approach we support our clients by driving their enterprise to a longlasting, relevant and customer centric organisation. Focusing on the relevant topics while building an aligned understanding of the future direction in target-oriented individual workshops - we enable the fast track from vision to impact. And support in every phase of your company. 


IT Business Alignment

Digitalization forces companies to strongly aligne business strategy with IT. Enabling the business in using data, algorithm and best in class systems to make the difference means to have an outstanding and agile IT by your side. We support in overcoming the mismatch of business and IT strategy and to generate an seamless experience for the consumer.

IT Business Alignment
Operational Excellence


It´s obvious - no customer experience without operational excellence. But the way to an outstanding service by an efficient organization using streamlined processes in a customer centric way is complex. 

We support our clients in building a process driven organization which provides results driven by key objectives and measured by KPIs. Our Data-to-KPI approach will make inefficiencies transparent and benefits calculable. 



The impact for the consumer lays in the realization.  We deliver project management based on sound experience with a pragmatic hands-on approach. Combining traditional and agile project elements to achieve maximum impact.

We support you in each an every step - from initialization, analysis, quality management to roll-out - and make your project a success. We proved our approach in more than 100 projects. Gain from our target-oriented and focussed work.

The lack of specialists and managers is slowing down many companies. Especially in the case of particularly demanding tasks, more and more external managers are being booked temporarily in order to qualify the upcoming, important projects promptly. The managers of Transformation Excellence fill positions at the 1st and 2nd management level or temporarily handle special projects on site. As real managers with many years of industry-specific experience, our interim managers can get straight to the point without any onboarding period. Unlike a classic management consultant, our transition manager are not only used for analysis and concept development, but are also responsible for the implementation and achievement of goals.

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