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In no other industry victory and defeat are so tighten to each other. To cope with the disruption and growing pressure from internet pure players like Amazon or Google, which have been hitting logistics since years, the major industry players try to grow by investing in pure players or start-ups regardless the costs or invests. “Bigger is better” seems to be the key – transformation is nowhere really finished and pure efficiencies never reached. Meanwhile new market entrants believe that logistics is simple – just few parcels to be send on best costs. Those underestimate the need to know local markets and their specifics and habits, contact to customs departments and stakeholders along the value chain. Still in each segment new players are established quickly and some seem to write success stories, like Ryanair or Uber. 

 What can be the solution – pure focus on branding and marketing, customer experience and buying of logistics service for re-selling? Or is the option better to manage logistics, getting into 4PL business and just provisioning integration and management power on top of existing networks and operations? 

 Transformation Excellence helps you to make the difference where its counts –  in the business and IT alignment, helping you quickly to specify your own, workable and reasonable, “good enough “solutions – to keep peace with the disruptive environment and bringing those into life in your organization. Sustainable. Flexible.  

Dr. Lukas Röhrs
Managing Partner
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