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Customer Experience hand in hand with Operational Excellence


Customer first

We head a time of change and disruption in retail. 

Consumer demand and behaviour forces the industry more and more to transform massively. Personalized contact and an outstanding service is a must while seamless shopping is a mandatory measure. Even pure players like Amazon invest in brick and mortar to get a 360-degree view on the customer. 


It is all about offering an outstanding customer experience. 

Putting the customer into the center of all activities is the first step. Managing actively the customer journey by relevant touchpoints is the operational work to do.  


There will be no customer positive experience without operational excellence. 

Data, algorithm, systems, processes, people, learning and adapting - will be the key to inspire your customer and stay relevant.  

We support you in orchestrating the relevant components in the right manner to ensure your customer comes back to your POS. 


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Maik Kramer
Managing Partner
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Case Study

Image by chuttersnap

Retail - By using all operational data at hand we delivered KPI transparency along the entire value chain in less than four weeks at one of the top 5 German footwear retailers. Our Corporate Performance Management approach with an industry template leads to immediate results and helps to figure out how to improve: Capital Lock Up, Lead time and Customer service along the sales channels have been in focus.

Image by Hunters Race

Luxury - Introduction of a global (40 plus Countries) POS solution, which already offers as many functionalities as possible in the standard version. The support of mobile sales, cross-channel activities, and Customer centric processes supported by a dedicated CRM solution were key components of the new solution to satisfy the Luxury Customer. We delivered the generation of a Demand Profile based on a sound As-Is analysis. During a well defined evaluation process including RFP and CRP stages, the new solution and implementation partner got identified. 

Image by Martin Sanchez

Retail - Managing a major transformation project to introduce a new No-Line commerce solution for all Retail Shops in 20 plus countries around the globe. Based on a newly identified POS solution and a newly identified Loyalty and CRM solution, a Customer centric process and application design got defined and implemented supporting the Retailer to gain Customer insights and increasing Customer service and satisfaction which reflected in higher sales per country after new No-Line commerce solution got implemented. We delivered the overall project 
Management, managing internal and external teams, the business case and all related budgets.

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