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Innovative Approach for a successful transformation

From strategy to impact.

TRANSFORMATION EXCELLENCE improves value chains and supports to face the digitalization. 


We are branch experts, change makers and experienced project managers.

Our goal: Customer centricity from strategy till impact with a guarantee for project success.

Based on our experience from various customers we understand what drives the industry, know the success levers and what will be game changers in the future. We thus enable our customers to transform themselves into truly customer-focused and profitable organizations based on best fitting solutions. ​

We believe in best solutions first and thus always challenge our customers while our on-site experts are embedded in your organization, always focused on fulfilling the expectations of your customer.

Do not expect us to be the typical consulting company.

We are partners and feel accountable for your success. We support till the job is done.  

The difference


Based on our approach we drive you on the short track from strategy to impact.


Combining agility, transparency and control with full focus on the best solution we enable you to manage your transformation.


20 years in Business Consulting and various project successes prove the ability to analyze, identify and improve entire value chains. 

Our network of branch experts will deliver best fitting solutions and drive necessary change as managers in clients companies. 


We believe in strong partnerships. Our clients are companies who are willing to deliver their customers an outstanding experience. 


We can help to shorten the way and drive projects to success. Customer will feel the impact of our results.

Our Competence Center



Our Consulting Services


From strategy to impact on the fast track. 100% customer centric while focusing only on the relevant topics.


Overcome the mismatch of business strategy and the ability to deliver in IT. Face the digitalization and enable the corporate to compete with the market. 


Delivering a seamless and outstanding customer experience means excellence in the entire value chain. Effective and efficient.


We deliver project management based on sound experience with a pragmatic approach. Combining traditional and agile project elements to achieve maximum impact. 


As true managers with many years of branch-specific experience, our interim managers get to the point without lead time. Unlike a classic management consultant, our transition managers are not only used for analysis and concept development, but are also responsible for the implementation and achievement of goals.


Headquarters Düsseldorf

Transformation Excellence GmbH

Johannstraße 37

40476 Düsseldorf

Munich Office

Transformation Excellence GmbH


Josephspitalstraße 15

80331 München

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